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Nicely Spicy 16th January 2018

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Spice up your life with a day of eastern delights on this one day hands-on course with Nigel Brown.

On a whistle stop tour of Japan, India, China and Thailand you'll start with the essentials of herbs, spices and blending before moving on to creating dishes such as Thai Spiced Ginger Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, the perfect Egg Fried Rice and Sushi.

You'll also try your hand at accompaniments for your dishes such as raita, lime pickle and poppadums.

Our courses are all about personal preference so you can make your dishes as mild or as spicy as you like. At the end of the day you can take your dishes home to share with your family or friends.

This course starts at 10.00am and finishes approximately 3.30 - 4.00pm. All ingredients are included along with refreshments, lunch and the loan of an academy apron.

If this course is a gift please let us know by email the name and address of the guest that will be attending along with any special message you would like printed on the front of the gift wallet. Your order will be posted to you unless you specify in your email a different delivery address.