Nigel's Links

Nigel's Links

Nigel's Links

All the links on this page have been personally chosen by Nigel. Just click on a link to take you to people or products that are highly recommended.



Creamline Dairies is a family owned business which for over 60 years hasbeen supplying the dairy needs of people in Manchester and the North West of Eng land. We process the freshest and best quality milk from our farmers in Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria in our modern processing plant in Eccles.Creamline Dairies is a family owned business.                                                                                        


Novelli Academy


Voted in the top 25 cookery schools in the world within the first 3 months of opening. Join Jean-Christophe at his 14th century Hertfordshire farmhouse for an informative and fun cookery extravaganza, where he will share with you his passion and enthusiasm for cooking (and lots of invaluable tips)!




Echoes Foundation


The Echoes Foundation is a new charity in Hull and with the support of parents, local businesses and grants they aim to open a multi-purpose dedicated therapy centre for all children in Hull, East Yorkshire and North East Lincolnshire with special and additional needs. 

Nigel is very proud to be a patron of this very worthwhile charity.





Gold from the Wold

Gold from the Wold Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is grown on the farm, pressed on the farm, bottled on the farm and used in kitchens for all culinary purposes. Simply oil, simply natural, simply healthy. Find out more about Gold from the Wold by browsing our website. Enjoy! Paul & Anna Jackson

Gold from the Wold is a 'must have' product in The Nigel Brown Cookery Academy. We use it for all cooking techniques, especially frying as it's far more stable than other oils and retains it's unique properties at much higher temperatures.





Regal Fish Ltd

When it comes to cooking with fish and having the freshest of ingredients, Regal Fish Supplies Ltd are by far the number one supplier of fish and shellfish, delivering time after time quality and freshness to your door.